Sunday, February 5, 2012

Suddenly it's winter

It came on so suddenly. Back in November I pulled out my snow boots and gave them a little polish to prepare for what I thought might be another frosty December. Low and behold, Christmas was quite mild, rainy, but around 10° or so. January was also quite ok. Clouds and rain, but still surprisingly easy.

Then there was a drop. From one day to the next it was below 0, and there was talk of snow. Then last weekend it came. The "Siberian Cold," has apparently blown its way across Europe, record low temperatures have been set in the last week. Since snow is still somewhat of a novelty to me (and I don't drive a car), I find it nice to look at. I must admit, those early morning trips with the train are less than stellar-being greeted with -14
°C (6° F)  is not the ideal way to start your Monday morning.

I thought a gratuitous picture post was in order.

The negative temperatures are carrying on into the week. I'll be listening to my "beach" playlist and trying to think warm. Have a cozy week!